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Making the Future


Making the Future

Oney Bank is a financial enterprise that transitioned from credit entity to banking services. The business was created under the parent multinational company and holding Auchan, owner of the retail brand Jumbo  in Portugal. It operated in the Jumbo portfolio business units, associated to credit cards and credit payments. Established in Portugal 25 years ago, its evolution is stapled and associated with major business movements and trends. From Jumbo credit Card to Oney credit institution, riding the wave of payments and loyalty cards. From credit institution to banking services, applying digital transformation, technology and innovation to its offering and digital services, developing Apps to facilitate payment mobility – Automatric- or personal finances – Oney App


Evolution paced the communication and identity of Oney. Faced with the challenge of creating awareness and promoting its business offer and novelty, their 25thanniversary was an opportunity to rise above the standard, share their purpose, company DNA and brand identity. We are future was the idea, creative concept and identity claim, behind our work. The thought behind it, started by thinking in the role of facilitator that Oney plays. Because of Oney offering and services people are able to do, to transform dreams into reality, making the future present. Easily, quick, in a simple and transparent way. The identity reveals a jovial and liveliness communication associated to technology, digital and movement.