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Innovating for Good


Innovating for Good

Frulact is a Portuguese multinational company operating in the Food & beverage industry. 2019 was a turning point with the edition of their first Sustainability Report. A step towards the creation of an environmental conscious company state of mind and behaviour, focused on the people and the planet.


Our challenge was to create a concept and visual approach to the Sustainability Report for an exclusively digital ecosystem – since it wasn’t predicted a printed version strengthening the eco-conscious approach – focusing on the values and principles stated by the brand and reflecting their core business.


Our strategic starting point came with the insight “sustainability starts in raw materials”, a storytelling that highlights nature as an essential part of the brand’s core business and relates with the report’s theme. The concept “Innovating Food. For Good.” introduces the Sustainability Report’s purpose focusing on innovation and social responsibility. Graphically the use of raw material’s photography brings a natural and fresh approach to the report and the handwritten typography conveys a close and human tone.

Awarded Grand Prize on the 2020 APCE Corporate Communication within the Sustainability Report category.