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Global Excellence


Global Excellence

Católica Global school of Law (CGSL) is an academic faculty of law in the prestigious Portuguese Catholic University. Ranked in the top ten School of Law list of the Financial Times, CGSL is driven by excellence in the practice of international law, its ability to innovate within the class room and pioneering the teaching of global law in Portugal. Being the very first to apply English as a first language, and a student inclusiveness and collaborative methodology since 2009.


Global since day one, they were faced with new challenges. The Portuguese academic landscape has new underdogs and the competition is more dynamic than ever. Investing in an student-first approach and in an no boarders citizen of the world quality life style. How can CGSL, enhance its attributes and unique selling proposal, without undermining its legacy, conquered credibility and reputation?


Global Excellence was the creative concept, behind the new communication and identity. One that allowed a graphic and visual evolution of the symbol, the chromatic scheme and the development of a new strapline: A statement of Excellence. The flexibility of the brand was mandatory, as the application had to co-live with two to three other brands and communication. Be it the 10thanniversary symbol that we also developed, based on the evolution of the new symbol, be it the communication of the Law faculty.



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