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Uninterrupted Energy


Uninterrupted Energy

Redes Energéticas Nacionais – National Energy Networks – i.e  REN, is Portugal’s transmission system operator. An entity entrusted with transporting energy in the form of natural gas or electric power on a national or regional level, using a fixed infrastructure. As a core business strategy stands the sustainable development axis, the uninterrupted energy transmission moto, and the nurturing of talent, people, environment, communities and the country.


The annual report is a key institutional and financial collateral, targeted to investors, accountants, media reporters and the public eye. Throughout a year it lives in three crucial moments. The annual share meeting, the national stock market regulatory entity CMVM, and the public launch of report digitally. In order to build a narrative and creative concept for the 2017 Annual Report, transversal to all brand asset, we came up of the following question.


“What is the main feature behind REN’s role, infrastructure, work and people? To transport and distribute power in the form of Gas and Electricity. Metaphorically one can say that REN is Power in Motion.”


The work translated into a brand experience, with different kinds of activation, considering the identified targets and their context, be it digital, event or print, under the creative concept Power in Motion. Fluidity, modern typography and a user centric approach, enabled an interconnected analog and digital communication, that was awarded internationally and nationally.


• Grande Prémio APCE 2019, BEST REPORT

• Lusófonos da Criatividade 2018, SILVER


REN is a shared agency client within Wygroup. All digital creativity, development and implementation was made possible through By Interactive Brands Agency dedicated team.