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The Value of Time


The Value of Time

Jerónimo Martins is a Portuguese corporate group in Food distribution specialised in retail, operating more than 4.400 stores in Portugal, Poland and Colombia. Designing the 2019 Annual Report comes as a corporate communication challenge in print and digital formats.

Our challenge was to create a conceptual approach to the 2019 Annual Report from the very particular insight “Jerónimo Martins is a business that never sleeps”. Reflecting a large scale, dynamic business operation, we came up with the concept “The Value of Time” – focusing on the importance of time in a well-established value chain that follows not only the cycle of nature, but the rhythm of everyday life.

With an engaging storytelling, each part of the 2019 Annual Report reflects a specific time of the day chronologically, and a phase of Jerónimo Martin’s value chain – from producer to end consumer. Visually we created photography overlays to bring a contemporary feel to the report and followed the brand’s guidelines regarding photography design and application, reflecting a human and fresh mood.