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Sustainable Co-creation


Sustainable Co-creation

In order to reinforce the importance and impact of sustainability within the Sonae Group, we took up the challenge by co-creating with Sonae’s own Brand, Communication and sustainability team to develop the identity and multiplatform application for the website.

The briefing highlighted the importance of four main pillars: a tone of voice perfectly aligned with Sonae’s communication, an appealing and envolving look & feel, a simple and clear language, but most of all, the capability to inspire. All this aimed at a very broad target consisting of stakeholders and interested consumers. The orientation? To generate superior value for people and planet.

The outcome was an identity system focusing on the human side, even in a digital context, aiming at an infographic purpose. Under a The future is sustainable main idea, the storytelling was designed to touch several topics and areas, in a visual and informational emphasis.

The planet-driven narrative speaks of responsibility, inclusiveness, hope, trust and mobilizes for change, in a system where everything from the handwritten typography to a fully digital native environment aims at an idea of action and transformation.