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Postal Evolution


Postal Evolution

CTT Group is a postal service company with a history of nearly 500 years of dedication, commitment and professionalism, to bring the Portuguese and the world closer together. It has been, from its inception, an important partner for companies, creating innovative solutions that help promote businesses. It is one of the most iconic brands in Portugal, with vast assets that have kept up with the run of time. Its mission is to remain a worldwide reference as a postal operator, oriented towards sustainable growth, centered on the ideals of excellence and closeness, and focused on innovation. Today, tomorrow and always.


For the development of their first integrated Annual report, CTT challenged us to deliver an editorial collateral, that expressed its values, identity and personification, without jeopardising the legacy, history and brand capital.


From the moto and ideals of growth centered in excellence, closeness and innovation, today tomorrow and always, we created the concept of Continuous Evolution. An idea that is present and transversal to the group’s universe through their people, behaviour and delivery. From the brand positioning driven by, we adapted and applied it to the concept, to achieve the communication and title “Driven by Evolution”.