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Giving Life to History


Giving Life to History

OGMA is a global player in the aeronautic industry, a pioneer in the birth of aviation history and a restless evolutionary of excellence and innovation.


In a year of centennial celebration, every brand touchpoint worked for a cohesive and holistic brand growth. The Historic Centre of OGMA, is an infrastructure that marked the very beginning of its operations back in 1925, as a Hot balloon hangar which were the very first way of air travel in aviation. Its architectural features, were not only its unique qualities, but also assets that represented OGMA’s DNA, ability to continuously surpass challenges, mirror main achievements, personalities and pinpoint evolution.


By capitalizing on the brand and its evolutionary path, through the development of an engaging integrated journey within the centre, the experience brought an in depth presence of history, with a mix match of technological innovation that allowed a harmony between the centennial celebration and the building unique history, qualities, features and one of kind brand experience.