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Nationwide Movement


Nationwide Movement

MUDA is the portuguese word for change & Change now. Since May 2017 it also stands for the Movement for Active Digital Use, promoted by distinguished companies, universities, associations, the Portuguese Government, and with the exclusive high patronage of Our Excellency The President of the Republic of Portugal. Committed to encouraging Portuguese society to have a more inclusive and participative citizenship through informed and responsible use of digital platforms, MUDA aims to create a crucial impact in commerce, healthcare, safety, communication, literacy, ethics and legislation.


“How can a brand engage people to become advocates, incite a cross age national movement and promote active digital usage?”


The idea originated from the need to materialize a disruption, a mental and behavioural change. One step and everything changes was the simple idea behind the creativity and strategy. With a simple click in a single platform, everything could change, a person, a company or even a country. The result was a nationwide brand experience through digital & analog interaction, roadshows, event activations, advertising campaigns and product placement & PR, bringing the target audience together around the call to action #queroportugalmaisdigital (“I want a more digital Portugal”).


MUDA is a shared agency client within Wygroup. All digital creativity & digital performance development and implementation was made possible through Massive Digital Creative Agency and perfomance Sales dedicated team.