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Mobility Insight


Mobility Insight

Brisa Group is one of the world’s largest highway operators and Portugal’s largest transport infrastructure company. Driven by a permanent attitude of leadership through innovation and is positioned as a transversal supplier of mobility solutions. Brisa Group has played a key role in the financing, definition, construction and operation of a network of motorways, covering Portugal’s main road axes and crossing the country from North to South and East to West. As a result of such experience, it developed a culture that is strongly directed to the promotion of mobility and accessibility, based on value of Ethics, Excellence, Innovation and People, with important economic and social benefits for the activities and communities it serves.


For over 40 years, Brisa has led the national road market and established a structured and internationally recognised operational model for road infrastructures. The emergence of new trends, technology developments and changes in people’s behavioural patterns led to the advent of a new era, where the concept of Mobility gained broader significance, bringing in new challenges. In this environment, Brisa will continue to provide efficient mobility for people, focusing on Mobility as sine qua non for growth, development and value creation.


“2017 was a disruptive year regarding their Annual Report. For the very first time, they were faced upon the challenge of developing an Integrated Annual Report.”


The research of the market and infrastructure business communication, specifically integrated annual reports, showed patterns and characteristics on the messaging, tone of voice, brand promise and experience, that allowed to focus on an insight and idea, to build a personalized narrative that correlated with Brisa’s brand capital. Bearing in mind Brisa’s purpose and strategic axis, we created the Alive Mobilty creative concept. Which culminated with the claim and title “Mobility on the Move”, thus transmitting the role and ownership of Brisa Group on the Sustainable Mobility sector.


Our work was a brand experience development, driven by the sense of user centricity. A way that allows to pan all of the group assets into a communication that delivers modern, fluid and orientated mobility codes of behavior, extended to all brand touch points. Illustration, Iconography and visual design, were core to highlight and create a reading experience that turned relevant complex information into clear, simple content.


The creativity and collaterals were highlighted on several media outlets and awarded at:

• Grande Prémio APCE 2018, BEST REPORT

• Lusófonos da Criatividade 2017, SHORTLIST

• Prémios M&P Comunicação 2017, HONORABLE MENTION