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Life with Privileges


Life with Privileges

Habitat Invest is a private real estate investment company founded in 2004, focused on rehabilitation. A One-stop-shop, which accompanies all stages of the project, from the identification of opportunities and negotiation, to rehabilitation, sale and leasing. Emphasized by a real estate spike, this market demands a proprietary approach and strategy. Differentiation and its core investment assets are features that must resonate to investors, promotors and ultimately buyers.


White was challenged to create naming, brand & communication of an asset in the affluent location of Estoril. Renowned for its ocean view, paradisiac landscape and elite leisure sports. This asset was also praised for its original contemporary architectural blend with natural elements, and territorial organic balance.


The delivery was a modular brand that mirrored its main elements and features. Three pillars characterised the asset identity. Lifestyle, water and nature. Emphasized with a naming and brand promise that resonated with the location and its offering.




Habitat Invest