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Giving time to time


Giving time to time

Direct to consumer has become the norm in branding. Pinpointing new consumer behaviors and expectations. As we’ve entered into an everywhere anywhere era, brands are expected to be useful, tick all needs boxes and provide more than just selling a service. Professional services are seen as the least lean communicators, using the same “lingo” with straight to point and standard imagery or visuals. But not all are the same. Some are led by audacity, vision and ambition.

Enter LDC Group a holding company that serves worldwide Property management & administrative services, mainly administrative, cleaning and maintenance for large to small size properties. 73 offices, more than 6.500 condominiums and over 170.00 condos, under the Loja do Condomínio brand and enterprise.

“To Innovate is to find the best way to solve challenges. In a specific segment as is property management & Administration, to simplify and transform processes into agile and seamless activities and tasks, is more than an advantage it is leverage.”

Opportunity. The cultural shift upon us all accelerated the need for businesses and brands to push for new ways to be part of our everyday. For LDC Group a data and facts from a survey to its customers and targeted audience – Millennials & Xennials- gave them assurance for the development of a new digital service and product.

Brief.  Develop a Brand, Naming and digital universe that was appealing to a broader audience – from professional to end-users expressed agility-, customer or owner self-control with simplicity at its core.

The outcome. We created a modern Brand and Naming, under one promise and purpose. “Give time to time”. FAAZ which can be read as a verb or noun means Do/ does/ Make, giving it a twist with a double A. As for the communication universe, we applied a mix match of illustration and contemporary typography that gave it diversity and differentiation.