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Gamifying Online Retail


Gamifying Online Retail

Oney Bank is credit financial institution providing banking services driven by simplicity, digital transformation and an empathetic humanized approach and conduct. One of their pivotal and most on point solution for business-to-business ecommerce is 3x4xOney. A buy now pay as you wish platform for retail online businesses. As a strategic standpoint, partnering with renowned online retailers was a given and the first challenge was with the main tech and gaming online retailer PC Diga.

The Challenge. Target the PC Diga community- gaming influencers, youtubers – through their proprietary channels i.e., website, social media, display ads, bearing in mind that the message is mainly for parents more than the gamers on one side, on the other visually it must convey that it is a Pc Diga campaign powered by 3x4xOney.

The Result. An emerging contextualized visual, comprised by a mix-match of both brand identities. Messaging used the same formula and application, grabbing a Portuguese saying and giving it a twist. An activation strategy using an influencer to deploy the campaign with customer journey mapping and lead nurturing.




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