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Future is a Vision


Future is a Vision

Sonae is a multinational corporation managing a wide portfolio of companies, creating value across several geographic areas, with a solid culture and highly-developed ability to innovate and execute its actions, taking the benefits of progress to an ever-increasing number of people. The Retail Book of Innovation is a yearly editorial compilation of innovation projects within Sonae Group. Published since 2012, it reflects one of the core values of Sonae and also stands as staple to collaborators, partners, c-suite level and potential clients.


The challenge for the 2018thedition was unique in its form and demand, as it requested to be representative of environmental sustainability and circular economy. To create a narrative around Sonae’s behaviour towards innovation, we created a concept intrinsic to their DNA. Its people and the ability to question themselves to improve daily. In every team and project there is the will to change the world of retail. There is a vision of a better and sustainable future. Giving life to these projects and making them real, is making the future present. It is envisioning innovation.


The application of the creativity was aligned with the sustainability and circular economy principles, as we developed a hardcover for the book made of banana paper and residual wood surpluses from Sonae Indústria. The wood-based panels manufacturer business unit, within the Sonae Group. The graphic visuals and elements, transmitted the sense of movement and transcendence, while the colour scheme brought up associations to technology and innovation. The tone of voice highlighted team work, unity and purpose. Pinpointed and expressed by a proximity and inclusive title and call to action.