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From Portugal to the world

From Portugal to the world

As soon as we received the briefing for this project, which stated that the goal would be “to have the entire Portuguese clinical trials ecosystem at our fingertips”, we realised that it would be an ambitious and transforming challenge for a market with such potential.

Portugal Clinical Trials, which aims to become the largest aggregator of information on Clinical Research and Clinical Trials, is an initiative that results from the partnership between Apifarma – Portuguese Pharmaceutical Industry Association and AICIB – Agency for Clinical Research and Biomedical Innovation, with coordination and collaboration from IQVIA.

The result was a 360º branding project with a close tone of voice that managed to reach the entire health universe, from scientific research to doctors, hospitals, clinics, laboratories, economic agents and patients, simultaneously promoting a union for vanguard health through demystifying clinical trials.

Starting from the creative concept “Healthier Together”, where we emphasize and enhance the advantages of this union between the wills and purposes of those involved, we thus reached the signature “Advancing Healthier Together” or “United for cutting edge health”, placing Portugal as a valuable destination worldwide for the practice of clinical trials.