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Energy Agent


Energy Agent

Apetro is the Portuguese Association of Petroleum Companies, founded in 1992. Their associates represent the global energy and fuel companies of the market and the main stakeholders from producers to distribution and retailers. A highly credible and respected entity politically and an agent for the advocacy of sustainable energy and mobility. The role as an international liaison with the European commission and energy entities as Concawe, FuelsEurope and most recently LGE, Liquid Gas Europe, positions Apetro with an accountability towards the country, the government, society and not least important their associates and the energy and fuelling Portuguese market.


Brand capital was high for naming recognition, but identity, behaviour and purpose were portrayed as laggard, especially when compared to its peers and other associations. As the major representative of energy companies, the communication and brand did not match with what their own associates were driving and thriving for. Sustainable Energy Transition.


As an association that is ruled by statutes and management counsel, to gather a unique decision transversal to all, facts and numbers became more relevant than ever. To strengthen the collaboration and our role as creative partner, we built a business case with the participation of the association employees, associates employees, the media and general public, to achieve and identify drivers, goals and needs. Based on the business case insights and added value inputs, we simplified the complexity of language and tone of voice, built a cohesive and coherent narrative to the brand, making it contextualised to the industry, and its core purpose and mission.