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Efficiency Excellence


Efficiency Excellence

EDP Distribution manages and operates the energy distribution grid and network within the renowned Energy Utility Group EDP. Connecting more than six million customers to energy, their services reach clients that range from private operators to public service entities or industrial conglomerates. Putting in play the main business strategy drivers of the group like digitalization, decarbonization and leading the energy transition. An internal team was developed with the task of creating, developing and implementing The Focus Programme.

A synergy and one for all platform for operation and customer excellence that gathers and unites EDP Distribution vertical teams and clients. From customer care to field and Technical services to engineers and digital marketing automation, the platform aims to simplify procedures, turn seamless and bidirectional the different channels and customer touch points in its ecosystem.

Our challenge was to create an identity and communication that would uphold and strengthen EDP Distribution positioning. Express agility flow and efficiency, customer autonomy and amplify & boost the digital relationship within the business value chain.

Under the strategy Turn Self care into Self ware, we developed and created a dynamic engaging identity & communication that gives voice to its purpose. But at the same time pinpoints the customer and the customer customers in its core.