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Drive Discovery


Drive Discovery

All disruptors are innovators but some are more than others. Sonae is one of Portugal’s most innovative companies and holding. A multinational group with solid roots and a constant drive towards progress. With a mission to create long-term economic and social value, taking the benefits of progress and innovation to an ever-increasing number of people. Innovation is central to Sonae’s mission and set of values. Continuously encouraging the whole company to be involved in their innovation culture. Innovation is clearly present throughout all business functions and activities, generating, experimenting and implementing new ideas and solutions that, in turn, allows to excel in the development of competitive businesses that create value for all stakeholders.


Since 2014 the innovation team at Sonae gathers in editorial format and online, the group’s yearly innovation projects and achievements. The bar was set high when the 2015 edition, received one the most prestigious international PR awards.


It’s all about discovery and exploration of the new. From this insight and idea we developed a visual concept and communication, that had the personification of innovation. The path was born from the ability that Sonae and it’s ecosystem have, of conducting and leading innovation in everything they do. Taking the creative concept and idea even further, we came up with the following question.


“What if the book could talk to the reader?”


The Result was an escalation of content to its fullest potential, by turning the experience with and from the book, into a useful and innovative one. We created premium and standard versions. With the premium we used the latest 4.0 Bluetooth technology and beacons. Allowing the book to interact seamless with users and readers through mobile devices. All digital content is managed by a mobile app, that control the beacons and also the interaction between content and end-user for both versions. Driving discovery and shaping tomorrow. The emphasis on the design and layout simplicity, allowed focus on the content. Enhancing the reading and usability efficiency and experience.

Since its public launch, the work has received upraise.

• 25th Communicator Awards 2019, GOLD

• Lusófonos da Criatividade 2018, SILVER

• European Excellence Awards 2018, SHORTLIST


The Sonae Retail Book of Innovation 2017 is a shared agency project within WYgroup. All digital creativity, development and implementation was made possible through Bliss Applications dedicated team.