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Caring for Porto, caring for the world

Caring for Porto, caring for the world

The topic of brand sustainability has long since become a commitment for White. Perhaps that’s why we feel that participating in the creation of an identity with such responsibility has been an opportunity for enormous growth for all the teams involved when we were invited to develop the 2020 Sustainability Report for Porto City Council.

Aligned with the goal of meeting the objectives of the United Nations Agenda 2030, the identity of the “Porto.Futuro” report reflects the need for change, the transformation of tomorrow and the urgency to continuously implement actions across all axes of sustainable development: in the municipality, the city, the community and the environment.

In this context, the claim “Caring for Porto, Caring for the World” is based on the essence of the brand and on the symbolism of the city, its residents, neighbourhoods, culture, economy and its environmental, human and social contribution.

More than just a Sustainability Report, it is about gaining awareness of the goals to be achieved and the contributions needed to make Porto a city of the future.