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A Happy, Vibrant Place


A Happy, Vibrant Place

Oney Bank is a financial enterprise that transitioned from credit entity to banking services. Established in Portugal 25 years ago, its evolution is stapled and associated with major credit & payments transformations and trends. As a specialist in financial products and services, ONEY offers solutions that contribute to the fulfilment and well-being of consumers. The same is to say, for the happiness of consumers. Year after year, past, present and the future to come.


To engage and celebrate the company culture, Oney approached us to design and create an impactful experience through 200 plus people employee event activation. Holder of the title “Happy Company”, ONEY is driven by positivity and ambition with which it envisions the future – a cycle that is not closed, but in permanent renovation.


The creativity and concept for the brand & design experience came to us under the form of a question. If Oney is all about making the future positive and optimistic, what kind of place would it be? We leveraged the positive and ambitious positioning of ONEY through the belief that the future brings innovations that give us more quality of life, therefore, more happiness. A Happy Place. Our delivery was an enhanced brand experience in every possible contact point, from invite to space to post event, making the interaction between people the center and dynamic of the experience.


This event was within the 25th anniversary year, that was also developed by us. To make it cohesive and consistent with the communication universe, graphically we added textures and layers that embodied movement and vibrant alive colours to reflect motion, technology and innovation. The typography and its application also came from the anniversary communication that allowed a direct link and connection.

All creativity, production and delivery was a cross agency project with Wy group brand entertainment agency Nervo.