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A Centennial Brand


A Centennial Brand

Aeronautics is linked to Portugal and its culture of invention and discovery. Engaged with the industry since 1911, OGMA is a global market player committed to excellence. Offering services that range from maintenance to overhaul, engineering and design, to engine certified manufacturing from renowned aviation brands, such as Rolls Royce, Lockheed Martin and Embraer.


Brand wise, the application lives in different contexts, ranging from diplomatic and institutional, employer and internal communications, to commercial purposes. Involving collaterals, digital communications, open and private events. Engineering is the backbone and core of the business, and innovation pioneers its conduct and behaviour. From this facts we build an insight, that was the driver, strategy and idea behind the creative development, for the celebration of the hundred anniversary communication.


“A centennial brand made of the past to reflect future.”


Celebrate a century of history, legacy and innovation. Bring forward the strengths, values and differentiation of the company, its offering and corporate culture, and at the same time, pinpoint the important statement of achieving 100 years. We delivered a whole new communication universe spread throughout critical brand touch-points, along the year of celebration. Based on the three unique innovations that stapled the aeronautics and aviation industry. Starting with the Hot balloon, propellers and the turbine engine. The delivery was a disruptive celebration brand, that had a legacy narrative and holistic application, which lived through the year and adapt to every brand and communication need.


The creativity was acclaimed by media outlets and received an award.

• Lusófonos da Criatividade 2018, BRONZE